Mr. Amit Agrawal

Founder Haridwar International Ayurveda

Dear All,

Welcome to HARIDWAR INTERNATIONAL AYURVEDA a space of ancient wisdom and holistic well-being. Inspired by Ayurveda’s teachings, we harmonize mind, body, and spirit. HARIDWAR INTERNATIONAL AYURVEDA is our humble tribute to Ayurveda’s heritage, blending modern life with traditional remedies. True wellness springs from balance with oneself and nature. Guided by Ayurvedic principles, our products use natural ingredients to rejuvenate and nourish. Embracing uniqueness, our diverse range caters to individual needs—herbal remedies, ancient skincare rituals, or holistic supplements. We aim not just to provide but to foster a community embracing Ayurveda. Our journey focuses on sustainability, ethics, and pure offerings, respecting Earth and all beings. Join us in this sanctuary, where Ayurvedic wisdom nurtures well-being.

With Heartfelt Gratitude,

Amit Agrawal

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Haridwar Interntional Ayurveda (HIA)
Plot No. 49.50 Sector IIDC Sidcul Haridwar Uttarakhand 249403